SI-0001 - Safe Use of Cleaning Chemicals

SI-0001 Statement of Intent

Cleaning workers and patrons of facilities are injured or killed due to improper chemical handling. Accidents are frequently caused by what are considered to be “safe” household cleaning chemicals. On other occasions, the accident is a result of misusing and/or mixing dangerous chemicals that have no place in a regular cleaning operation.

Currently there is no available educational, testing and permit issuing process that cleaning workers may be required to pass to enter or remain in the occupations of custodian, janitor and housekeeper.

There needs to be a standard and a compliance procedure to ensure that all cleaning workers understand basic chemical handling safety and risk.

Stakeholders Impacted by this Standard 

  • Janitorial operations (manufacturing, government, military, disabled workers, industrial facilities)
  • Custodial operations (universities, schools K-12, private schools, museums, libraries, churches)
  • Housekeeping operations (healthcare, lodging, childcare)
  • Building owners and managers
  • Building contract cleaning service organizations
  • Cleaning chemical manufacturing organizations
  • Facility safety, environmental and medical organizations