Simon Institute Invites Participants in ANSI/BSR SI-0001

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Simon Institute (SI) announces project initiation notification system (PINS) for ANSI BSR SI-0001, Safe Use of Cleaning Chemicals. The project is to develop minimum, basic knowledge of cleaning chemicals for entry and Level I cleaning workers. It is designed to reduce accidents and lost work days due to improper cleaning chemical use and handling.

The steps to approval require:

  1. The SI Standards Writing Committee (SWC) drafts the content of a proposed American National Standard.
  2. The SI Technical Committee (TC) reviews the draft for technical accuracy.
  3. The draft then enters a balloting process for by the SI Standards Consensus Committee (SCC) and then to public review. The SCC is responsible for changing and approving the technical content of the standard.
  4. The standard is submitted to ANSI for approval as an American National Standard.

The Simon Institute (SI) follows the established Standards Development Policies and Procedures when developing standards as American National Standards (ANS). These requirements are defined in the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Essential Requirements: Due Process Requirements for American National Standards.

Since 2015, SI has been accredited by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as the Standards Development Organization for the nation’s custodial, janitorial and housekeeping (CJH) industry. These national consensus standards establish voluntary minimum guidelines that directly impact nearly every sector of business in the United States.

SI Standards Process

The SI standards programs are developed by the SI Standards Canvass Committee (SISCC) serving as the consensus body. The SISCC shall be sufficiently diverse to ensure reasonable balance without dominance by one particular interest category or corporation in accordance with the ANSI Essential Requirements. The SI will strive for balance of all interested and affected parties giving them an opportunity to participate in the development of ANSI approved SI standards. By adhering to ANSI’s due process of openness, balance and consensus, SI standards will serve and protect the public. To provide this, the Simon Institute is looking for parties in three (3) segments of the CJH industry to participate in the consensus process:

    1. Users of commercial cleaning chemicals
    2. Manufacturers of commercial cleaning chemicals
    3. General interest groups associated with commercial cleaning chemicals

Materially affected parties affected by this standard are invited to participate in the development of this standard. Currently, there are openings in each of the three aforementioned groups. To receive the sign-up sheet for participation in the SI-0001, or for more information email or go to