The commercial Jan/San industry in the United States is estimated to be aproximately $200 billion industry. It operates within virtually every commercial establishment including education, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, the military and government. Housekeepers, custodians and janitors affect the health and productivity of every workplace. Simon Institute’s benchmarking activities estimate that 90% of that figure is dedicated to the physical labor of cleaning. Housekeepers, custodians and janitors are the 5th most injured workers indoors, according to the US Dept of Labor. Faulty and non-standardized custodial work practices can spread pathogens, infectious dust and other cross-contaminants which exacerbate the spread of disease. Their work activities involving wet floors, electrical equipment, controlled germicidal products and commercial chemicals indoors can create risks to the workers and the patrons of facilities.

An engineered, scientific and professional custodial approach is virtually non-existent in the United States. Most subject matter experts estimate that daily custodial accounts for roughly 1/3 of a facility management budget.  There are American National Standards that impact many different areas of facility operations, but virtually none when considering custodial.  The Simon Institute seeks to bring balance and standards to a large segment of industry that has few to zero American National Standards.