Presentation Archive

The following resource materials were shared at the annual Simon Institute Symposium. You have access to the partial archive of past Simon Institute Symposium presentations.  To browse available presentations by year, please follow the links below.

2018 Symposium – Westgate Resort, Park City Utah

Ergonomics at Sandia National Labs & University of Texas Kiniesiology, by Cynthia Rivera – Sandia National Labs & Honeywell

ANSI/SI BSR SI-0001 American National Standard for Safe Use of Cleaning Chemicals, by Caryn Stets – Cheif Strategy Officer, PortionPac Chemical Corp. 

3M Scotch-Brite Clean & Shine Pad – Study and Test, by Guido Piccarolo, LAHH

Recycling Program Update at Bessey Hall, by Brandon Baswell – Michigan State University

Looking back, looking forward. My experience in the Jan/San Industry by John Lawter, Director of Building & Ground Services, University of Michigan

The Right to Know and Understand: OSHA/ANSI Standards for Chemical Safety, by Flint Belk, CIH & CSP, WCF – Safety and Health

Time Motion Study on ProTeam Go Free Flex Pro & SuperCoach Pro 10, by Anna Atencio-Torres & Chris Romero, Sandia National Labs

Risky Business: The Legal Ramifications of Balancing Workloads. Locesei vs. Mayfield School District, Ohio, by John P. Walker, ManageMen, Inc. 

Unger Excella Mop Study & Test, by Guido Piccarolo, LAHH

 2016 Symposium – Hotel Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM

One Year Later – Custodial Department Pilot Program by Debbie Doyle & Edward J. Williams, Jr., Brookhaven National Labs

Custodial Risks The Invisible Problem by Ed Jackson, Brigham Young University – Risk Management, Safety & Compliance

Workers Compensation for the Cleaning Industry by Flint Belk, WCF

How ANSI Standards Are Used In Expert Witness Litigation by Rob McNealy, Flooristics

(OS1) Methodology in an Industrial Environment by John Krieger, Julie Mendola and Dave Stone, JLL 

Making Sure Incidents Don’t Become Accidents by Enrico Garcia, Sandia National Labs

2015 Symposium – The Brown Hotel, Louisville, KY

Speaker’s Bios Before and After: Documenting the USPS Transition to a New Cleaning Methodology by Dominic Bratta & Tom Duchesne 

Preparing our Custodial Department for a Custodial Pilot Program by Ed Williams, Brookhaven National Labs

Risk Analysis of Custodial Work and its Impacts on Workers Compensation by Flint Belk, Workers Compensation Fund

How Team Cleaning Responds to Customer Complaints by Nancy Albin & Guido Piccarolo, LAHH Traction

Auditing and Minimizing Injuries due to Slip and Fall by Rob McNealy, Flooristics

Benchmarking: Trends for Standardizing Balanced Workloads by The U of Texas at Austin and Michigan State University

ANSI NFSI B101.0 Walkway Auditing Standard by Brent Johnson, Traction Auditing LLC

Major Factors that Impact Facility Costs by Jeffery Campbell, PhD, Campbell Consulting

 2014 Symposium – The Menger Hotel, San Antonio, TX

ManageMen and the Pursuit of ANSI Accreditation of the (OS1) Trainer Course by Ben Walker, ManageMen, Inc.

OSHA’s Proposed Revision to Sub-Part D – Walking and Working Surfaces and the New ANSI B101-Slip, Trip and Fall prevention by Russ Kendzior NFSI

Incorporating (OS1) Logistics and Tracking into Employee Performance Appraisals by Matthew Lawrence, Wake Forest University

Utilizing Kaivac Equipment in the (OS1) Program – A Pilot Study by Jeff Hawkins and Amber Hundley, PCSD 14 Years of Continuous

Custodial by Rich Newman and Chris Romero, Sandia National Labs Continuous Improvement Program for Custodial over the Past 14 Years by Sally R. Moore

The University of Texas at Austin, Facilities Services-Custodial Services

Building an Effective Custodial Training Environment by Guido Piccarolo and Nancy Albin, Los Angeles Habilitation House