CITGlogoSimon Institute works closely with the Cleaning Industry Trainers Guild to better understand the applied science of cleaning.

The Cleaning Industry Trainer’s Guild (CITG) was founded in 2006.  Its focus is to spread the word about best practices that enhance the health and safety of building occupants and custodial workers. The Guild advocates a standardized cleaning curriculum delivery system. Each member organization implements this program within its own organization. The program curriculum, based on the science of cleaning as taught at Janitor University, hinges on results pointed out in the landmark University of North Carolina study by Dr. Michael Berry. Berry’s study quantifies the difference between traditional housekeeping methods and scientifically cleaning; polluting vs. truly cleaning.

The program is especially significant in the $120 billion industry of janitorial services because both building service contractors (BSC) and in-house custodial staff must simultaneously be cost effective, environmentally conscious, health and security oriented while addressing the needs of building occupants.

Joseph Garcia, Trainer at Mt San Antonio Community College, was elected president of the CITG in 2011.

As CITG president, Garcia takes this personal experience and oversees bringing together trainers from different companies and industries who are engaged in in-service training to promote professionalism in cleaning. The CITG group includes the trainers and organizations dedicated to the Janitor University Philosophy of Cleaning. Trainers receive regular updates on developments in training and coaching cleaning worker organizations. This information can be found in the CITG sponsored publication The Cleaning Gazette which covers the following topics:

• Cleaning Program Updates
• Recommended Training events
• Benchmarking data
• New program materials
• Insider information on cleaning techniques
• FAQs
• Professional training techniques
• “Trainer’s Toolbox” information
• Best practice updates
• Information of problems and controversies in the cleaning industry
• Cleaning standards

The CITG committed as a group to keeping the fire going that was ignited at the Train the Trainer workshop at Walt Disney World in May, 2006.  It is their stated goal to support the skills growth of the cleaning industry trainers and the programs they administer.