Case Studies

ProTeam – Asthmatic University Custodian Finds Cleaning Method Improves Indoor Air

Tina Enos, a custodian at University of Michigan (UM), has a personal take on the effect of poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools. An asthmatic, Enos regularly suffered attacks from the dust and allergens that became agitated and airborne during and after cleaning. (read more)

Daily Hampsire Gazette

The University of Massachusettes at Amherst has been one of the oldest and continuous (OS1) Programs to date. This article from the Daily Hampshire Gazette discusses their (OS1) Green Certified Program and the impact it has made on campus. (Click here to read this article)

IFMA – (OS1) System Benefits the State of Washington

This article appeared on the IFMA website and discusses how (OS1) has benefited the Janitorial Department at the State of Washington in multiple ways. (Click here to read this article)

SEARHC – Alicia Roberts Medical Center

The September 2006 SEARHC Newsbeat Newsletter does a spotlight story about the Alicia Roberts Medical Center and how they earned two (OS1) Awards at the 2006 (OS1) Users Symposium. See page 3 of this newsletter for more details. (Click here to read this article)

NISH Workplace

“PARC Earns (OS1)® Green Certification – First NPA to Achieve Unique Quality Standard” by Gisele McAuliff, contributing feature writer

The Winter 2006 issue of NISH Workplace, the national publication for CRPs, featured the PARC (OS1) Program as its feature article. This article highlights the value of the (OS1) Green Certified Program in a federal enviornment and how it benefits cleaning workers with disabilities. (Click here to read this article)

Adapting to What Life Hands You” by Beth Young – Hilltop Times

The October 27, 2005 of the Hilltop Times is a weekly company newsletter for Hill Airforce Base in Utah. Read about how Eli Burke, a Janitor for PARC at Hill Air force Base and, uses his positive attitude to make lifestyle changes both on the job and off. (Click here to read the article)

Benchmarking: BSCs call a time-out” – by Dan Weltin – Contracting Profits

The May 2005 issue of Contracting Profits magazine, featured two articles about (OS1). BJ Mandelstam with Integrated Cleaning Services in Colorado and Paul Condie of GMI Building Services in California discuss benchmarking best practices and improving their cleaning services. (Click here to read the article)

Where has all the money gone” – by Jeff Cross – Cleaning Maintenance & Management

This is a report done by Jeff Cross who is the Senior Editor for Cleaning Maintenance & Management Magazine. Cross discusses what was learned when he attended Janitor University in 2004 and explores the (OS1) Cleaning Process. Following Cross’s report is an article written by Jim Rush and Lavone Jones, who are (OS1) users at Sandia National Laboratories. They discuss their (OS1) program and the importance of benchmarking best practices. (Click here to read this article)

Managing Housekeeping Change” by Allen Rathey – Executive Housekeeping Today

This article addresses what it was like to transition the (OS1) program at The Boeing Company, which covers 17 million square feet including the largest building in the world according to the Guiness Book of World Records.  (Click here to read this article.)

Don’t Mess with Texas” by Kelly Patterson – Housekeeping Solutions

When University of Texas at Austin decided to implement Team Cleaning, they got more then they bargained for. Find out how (OS1) improved their entire cleaning organization. This article, by Kelly Patterson, captures the ups and downs of that process. (Click here to read article)