We are pleased to announce that Jim Ginnaty of the University of Michigan was elected by the Simon Institute Executive Committee to Chair the SI Standards Committee. Mr. Ginnaty will begin to assemble this committee immediately and begin compiling list of potential ANSI Standards projects for the SI.  His duties will include ensuring adherence to the SI’s operating procedures, conducting and orchestrating canvassing, technical writing and procedure reviews for all standards related activities.
Over the next couple of weeks, SI will be updating the website with the current canvass list, technical writing group and information pertaining to SI’s current standards activities.
 The Standards Committee will be developing SI sponsored standards in accordance with the approved ANSI operating procedures.  SI will be calling for interested canvassees in a formal announcement soon.  In the meantime if you or someone in your organization is interested in participating in SI’s standards activities, please contact Mr. Ginnaty via e-mail: jim at simoninstitute.org.