Dixon Middle School Tour

Hosted by Jeff Hawkins
(OS1) Trainer, Custodial Services Coordinator
Provo City School District

August 8, 2018
12:15pm – 4:30pm

A shuttle bus will take you on a beautiful drive through Provo Canyon to Dixon Middle School and then back to the Westgate Hotel in Park City at 4:30pm. You will be provided with a boxed lunch and a copy of “Clean Schools Initiative” – Provo City School District Case Study by Jeffery L. Campbell, PH.D, Brigham Young University.

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No additional fees. This tour is exclusively for registrants of the 2018 Simon Institute Symposium.

About Dixon Middle School

Dixon Middle School is one of 18, schools within Provo City School District. Built in 1930-1931, it serves approximately 900 seventh and eighth grade students. Dixon is a 125,000 square/ft. structure that is the oldest building in the District (87 yrs.) The Custodial Services Department at Dixon is currently managed by Head Custodian Jason Espinoza and a crew of 8 custodial workers. The custodial workers are primarily High School aged students between the ages of 15-18 years old. They typically work a 3 hour shift each afternoon, after school.

Dixon was selected as the (OS1) pilot school for Provo City School District in 2010. The school at that time was in chaos from an organizational and cleaning standpoint. Many “before” pictures are infamously featured in much of the (OS1) Boot Camp training depicting the horrible conditions that existed in custodial closets, equipment rooms and throughout much of the school.

Under the direction of Custodial Services Coordinator Jeff Hawkins, the custodial team began the transformation from no cleaning standard and no standardized training to the (OS1) Cleaning System. The Head Custodian’s office and multiple storage closets were remodeled and new equipment and tools were purchased. Public meetings were held and Boot Camps were conducted. Multiple dangerous, undocumented chemicals were removed from the school and damaged filthy polluting tools replaced with new professional cleaning equipment.

Over the course of a 9 month school year in 2010-2011, the team continued to work hard and slowly transformed the building from “the dirtiest school in the district” to a location that faculty/staff and students were proud to teach in and learn.