Current Projects

Project 1. Cleaning vs. Polluting

Publicly funded study comparing traditional housekeeping with the ManageMen (OS1) cleaning process.  The study was conducted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006.  Dr. Michael A. Berry built on the scientific findings of the Research Triangle Park/EPA study of the Frank Porter Graham School (1992) and the EPA study of the Charles Young School in Washington DC (1998) to assess the effectiveness of an engineered cleaning process.

  • Cleaning vs. Polluting – Dixon Middle School Study is under review.  Will be sent to Advisory Committee for input.

Project 2.  APPA’s 5 Levels of Appearance (Cleaning)

University of Michigan’s APPA Appearance Level project and case study tied an engineered cleaning process with the APPA Custodial Staffing Guidelines project.

  • Project to be expanded to include multiple organizations.
  • New revision of APPA Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities: Custodial has been released.
  • Final Goal to develop a better understanding of the connection between an organization with a progress audit score of 80 or above and APPA appearance levels.

Project 3. Improving Custodial Budgets

This series of studies and articles by Dr. Jeff Campbell documented the University of Massachusetts – Amherst 2008-9 project to respond to decreasing custodial budgets while maintaining/improving overall quality.

This project is currently on hold.

Project 4. Cleaning and Facility Security

Explore the area of security in cleaning and document how they wrap together.  Key item is to begin a pilot to understand the inter-relationships.

Project on hold

Project 5. Cleaning and Health

Expand our understanding of the impact of cleaning on healthcare. Base this on an outgrowth of indoor environmental quality projects based on understanding infectious disease in the workplace. People who manage buildings are unaware of how to do this (ASHE) NFPA101 (code) is so concerned with saving lives in building fires but only one person died last year due to a fire in a hospital. Compare that with nosocomial disease deaths.

Project on hold

Project 6. Sustainability and Energy Laboratory at BYU
Create one of a kind first class sustainability laboratory that includes cleaning as a key element of facility management.

  • EPA has expressed interest in partnering with the Think Tank to pursue this further.

Project 7.  Cleaning with Water

Research the concept of cleaning with water.  How does PUR water, ionized water and ozone water perform?  What are the delivery systems?  Is the a future for expanded use in an engineered, scientific cleaning process?  How do various water concepts perform with microfiber?  What about kill claims?  What’s effective versus green fog?

Project 8. The Best Schools are Clean and Dry

Expand knowledge on how dryness affects schools.  This is based on the original research from Dr. Michael A. Berry.  This project is to further the science behind how dry influences health, attendance, facility preservation and student scores.

  • UPDATE:  Currently working with Shaw Carpets technical staff to further explore this project.