Board of Directors

Simon Institute’s Board of Directors meets annually to plan the annual Simon Institute Symposium, identify research opportunities, promote the Outstanding Cleaning Worker program and coordinate funding for Simon Institute sponsored American National Standards.

Executive Director/Standards Committee Chair
Kristie McNealy, MD

Renae Walker

Board of Directors
Alan Wagemester – GMI Building Services
Elizabeth Saavedra – The University of Texas at Austin
Brandon Baswell – Michigan State University
Josh Konetzni – Sandia National Labs
Ben Walker – ManageMen, Inc.
Kristie McNealy, MD

Consensus Committee Members

Name Organization Group
Mike Anthony University of Michigan General Interest
Dominic Bratta Self User
Caryn Stets PortionPac Chemical Corp Producer
Flint Belk WCF General Interest
Chris Romero Sandia National Labs User
Mike Watt Avmor Producer
Mary Clark Michigan State University User
Darrel Hicks Self General Interest
Jim Erikson 3M Producer