Non-Profit Taxable Corporation

The Simon Institute is a domestic non-profit taxable entity in good standing under the laws of the State of Utah. We are also an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer.

Vision Statement

In an industry wrought with abuses towards individuals, weak business practices and lacking environmental stewardship, we deem it our duty to provide new means to challenge, change and improve the building cleaning industry.  We believe that these changes must focus on the management and leadership in all aspects of our industry so that the processes by which we observe, plan, produce, perform and implement will be in harmony with the human environment, both built and natural.


To help develop educational materials and programs to guide the processes used to carry out our activities. To gather scientific data from our activities to be used in benchmarking the best practices. To work to grow the education programs in the cleaning industry and Simon Institute Symposium. To develop a core of leaders within the industry who are willing to teach and share best practices, innovations, benchmarking activities and trends. To work with like minded manufacturers and suppliers that are willing to be innovative pioneers in addressing our concerns.